Permanent exhibition

The first permanent exhibition, on a comparatively small-scale still, was open to the public as early as 1963. Owing to the mansion´s general reconstruction and subsequent extensive overhaul of the adjoining park (approx. 16 acres), the memorial was closed to visitors between 1990 and 1993. Since May 1994 it has again served as a museum open to the general public, newly offering access to all of the mansion´s three floors. For short-term exhibitions, the mansion´s basement was substantially refurbished, making possible the opening there, in May 2001, of the Václav Kounic Gallery.

The permanent exhibition´s front section contains information about the estate´s original owners, Count Václav Robert Kounic and his wife, Josefina (née Čermáková), a prominent Prague stage actress. The following section, considerably larger-scale, devoted to Antonín Dvořák, informs about the composer´s life and work, with special emphasis on his association with Vysoká. The display´s current, radically streamlined and updated concept and design reflect the impact of this locality and its surrounding countryside on Dvořák´s inspiration and work. Scale models of stage sets of the premieres of select operas, and period costumes of the principal characters from the opera, Rusalka, make up the final section of the permanent exhibition.


The tour of the exhibition includes a guided part in the display´s introductory section; the Dvořák exhibit and the Memorial´s interior are open to individual visitors, with background music as the sole accompanying element. The guided tour comprises the projection of the musical documentary Dvořák at Vysoká. Beyond this continual music production, the Memorial´s finely stocked music library and listening-room are ready to meet individual visitors´ requests encompassing over 80 recordings of Dvořák works.