Realm of sounds – Vysoká


Do you want to know the beauty of Dvořák’s favorite landscape? Download
new app “Vysoká – říše zvuků”! The guided tour will take you to all the
places connected to Dvořák’s stay at Vysoká accompanied with the sound
of his music. You can choose from 3 routes:

  • Childern´s route: 1,5 km long tour nearby the Memorial with many small
    games and task for kids. On this route you’ll see Rusalka lake where you
    can dance with naiades.
  • Educational route: 5 km long tour around the village Vysoká that shows
    you all the places which Dvořák loved. You can reconstruct the house
    where Dvořák stayed or you can hear stories from local people.
  • Realm of sounds: If you do not like guided tour, there is a route
    suited just for you. You can choose the places which you want to see and
    walk around with Dvořák’s music in your ear. You might hear some
    interesting facts about composer’s life that might surprise you.


Download our app to your mobile or digitizer, connect your headphones
and hit the road!